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Conservatory Cleaning in Wakefield

It’s pretty probable that your conservatory is the most liked room at your house, but it’s just as likely that it’ll only remain your favourite room as long as you keep those many panes of glass spotlessly clean – which is where conservatory cleaning in Wakefield comes into play. Hire our team and we’ll work tirelessly to restore all your conservatory windows, facias and UPVC to their original perfect elegance.

Keep Your Conservatory Clean All Year Round

If you do want to ensure that your conservatory lasts as long as the rest of your home, then it will pay you to have the windows and support frames cleaned routinely, in addition to keeping up with any maintenance work that’s required. If you have a small conservatory you may be able to do this by yourself, but the larger your conservatory, the harder the work becomes. Besides, it’s typically a far better proposition to employ conservatory cleaning experts anyway, as they come equipped with the right equipment and the experience and expertise.

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we also clean conservatory roofs

Handling your roof

We use a telescopic pole with its own pure water supply to reach the parts that other cleaning companies cannot reach. The pure water that we use makes it much simpler for us to rid your conservatory roof of moss, dirt and anything else unwelcome which has developed.

Needless to say, not every conservatory roof is the same as ever other conservatory roof – we couldn’t call ourselves qualified cleaners if we thought that! By way of example, polycarbonate roofs are coated with a mixture of chemicals that helps protect them from the elements. If we were to use common domestic cleaning products, then we could wind up damaging that coating. We know not to scrub roofs constructed with polycarbonate, and we don’t use cleaners with alkaline or petrol bases when undertaking conservatory cleaning in Wakefield.

Specialist exterior window cleaning

Most conservatories are designed using UPVC, as UPVC is a very tough material which withstands the elements, lasts many generations and looks terrific. We like UPVC frames, because they’re very simple to clean – just the use of pure water will do the business.

If you’ve gone for wood, then we’ll have to take more care. You might want your wooden conservatory to take on a natural, weathered appearance, in which case it’ll only need a mild clean a couple of times per year to take off mildew and mould. A free suggestion from us – use a water-resistant oil on your wooden conservatory, as this will help to bring out the natural grain of the wood whilst keeping it solid yet flexible.

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